"I live in a world where a little ice can take you to big cities ! "


A blog... but why ?

Today, we are the superstars of our own world,

seen through the lens of a smart phone and filters of Instagram.

Able to share it's beauty in one click.

Not the way it is, but the way we want to see it.


Elizabeth Gilbert would say: "that's BIG MAGIC  my friends!", 

as if you shared your pink glasses

for all your loved ones to see through it.


Ice & the city is a modern version of a diary,

my way to express my gratitude to travel the world as a #Showgirlboss with my company Delice Show 

and share the world as I see it:

Magic, vibrant and full of surpises!


And as the late David Bowie said 

"I don't know where I'm going, but I promise it won't be boring!"

Thanks for reading ! 

Sabrina X

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