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About me


I'm Sabrina, and I'm delighted that you took some time out of your day to read my blog !

The world is small and we maybe already know each other, but in case we don't, I'll introduce myself :)

I was born in sunny south of France, in Nice, in a crazy family where my dad taught me that every problem can be solved with good food & wine  ( hello italian roots ! ) and my mum that no dream is too big ! 

This being said, I told them at 6 that I wanted to be a star in Holiday On Ice ( the world famous skating show ) and fast forward 12 years later that's what I did !

Since then a lot happened, but not much has changed ! I'm still dreaming as much, I created a lifestyle that is unconventional but that suits me perfectly, met the man of my dreams that also share the same vision of life as me and I'm the proud mommy of Gustave, my French Bulldog ! 

In 2009 I created my company Delice Show - and when people ask me what I do, instead of saying that I'm a show producer and artistic director, I love to answer : 

" I create dreams " which in a way, is very true !

Now that you know me a little better, you'll probably wonder why I started this blog ? Well ... my grandma always tells me :

" If not now then when ? " and this has been my life motto since I was a kid.

I love chatting, reading, writing and as a teenager I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & the City to have my own column ;) Thanks to the internet I can fulfill another dream and share my thoughts and discovery here, with you !

I'm lucky to travel the world with my job, to meet wonderful people and since I love to share, this platform is just perfect !

I'm aware that nowadays you can buy pretty much anything, and mainly peoples opinion on certain " life changing must have " products " ( hum hum ) that the internet can make you feel

" less", and that the grass is always greener on another insta account.


That's why I aspire to always be super honest, shares my entrepreneur life as it is and not only sugar coated as we do with filters on our pictures ;)

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I hope to bring some laughs to your day, maybe the will to reach for the stars and mainly that if like me you've always felt like you didn't fit into a box, the confidence to say : 

" hey, I may not fit into the square you want to put me in, but hell , I'll be my own shape, and that's fine too !"

Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful day or night !

Sabrina xxx

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