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Entrepreneur life VS Disneyland .. same same ;)

Dernière mise à jour : 19 mai 2020

So, i’m sitting on the train that brings me be back home in the south of France after a brief but magical stay in the wonderful world of Disneyland - and yes it was for work ;) when my phone bips: I receive a crappy news email I wasn’t at all expecting, I start to feel my stomach knot, tears come to my eyes and I wonder …

Why is the Universe constantly putting us on a Roller coaster ?

If there is a lesson to learn then what is it ? That you can never relax and enjoy the ride ?

When you are going up and up and that you finally breath the fresh air : bam you suddenly drop and it seems like it’s never ending, it’s followed by a sudden 180° curve that takes you to a place that you hadn’t seen coming at all till then, left, right you feel like in a giant washing machine and just like that it’s over and you wonder what the hell just happened … ?

The comparison is quite funny but in Disneyland you will go down the ride sooner or later : you KNOW IT .

When you are entrepreneur it feels more like you won a ticket with unlimited rides with no stops planned ;)

I’m convinced that every entrepreneur, every person that wants to change the/her world and this no matter what the reason is , has asked himself the question one day :

« But why am I doing this to myself … ?? «

Now that’s the point where someone is gonna be like « oh come on: you made your passion your work and IIIIII ( yes I used multiple « I « so you can picture it better ;) I have a job that I hate so stop complaining « and you know what ? It’s not completely wrong : why complaining when it’s your choice after all ?

Well at the beginning was more : I do what I love all day long ( like all day, EVERY DAY meaning no days off ever …;) ) and on top of it I’ll make a living out of it ! It turns out that it’s more : I do what I love part time and I stress/ not sleep /panic the hell out the rest of the time ;)

Now it’s the moment where you are : do you have a positif message coming up or should we trash our dreams right now and go apply for a job at Mc Donalds ?? ( high five to all the brave Mc Donalds coworkers by the way ! )

YES there is one ! What I realized is that the entrepreneur path, if deeply guided with by passion , a real motivation et yes .. a LOT of work let’s keep it real , the entrepreneur path will undoubtedly lead you to a magical world ( hello Disneyland ! )

You know ? This place, right at the end of the unending scary dark tunnel ??

And then, it’s the moment you turn around and tell yourself: " all is good, it was long and scary but hell .. i did it ! and it is sooo worth it !!!! "

You know that chill i’m talking about ? The one that you get when you sign THE contract, when you get THE positive feedback you’ve been waiting for since .. forever ?

For me, as a show creator, that moment usually comes during the show when i see the result with wet eyes and i can finally tell myself « YES ! I’m soooo soooo soooo happy !! ( yes, it’s my southern French side exaggerating everything ;) it’s coming out at that point usually ) .

That’s when I ask myself : WHEN DO WE START AGAIN ?

I wanted to write about a reality that concerns me and is an everyday reality, because highlighting only the happiest moments of life on Instagram is fab, but the real life is made of this ups & downs that makes it so fulfilling and makes us realize we are much stronger then we ever thought we would be.

Now i’m daring YOU to try one thing .. start believing in one thing : YOU!

Because, when you think that the roller coaster never seems to end, at one point, it becomes : AMAZINGLY, CRAZILLY, ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN AMAAAAAZINGLY MAGICAL !

Tell me about YOUR roller coaster moment, let’s share !

With love ,


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