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Muscat, my love

Dernière mise à jour : 17 sept. 2019

Oman ... WHERE ? This was my first thought when i got a contract offer in Muscat, Oman!

Let's do a little flashback to February 2016 ...

Being already in #Dubaï, I was due to fly a couple days later and assumed it was another great modern city, full of skyscraper and overwhelming luxury.

However it isn't, and as I would find out later on, it definitly earned its nickname of " Jewel of the Middle East " .

Surrounded by mountains, #Muscat has a peaceful vibe to it, charming population and so much history !

My first trip lasted 12 days & the 2nd one had me stay 1 month there.

Enough to go around and explore !!

Beeing very much of a city girl I found myself enjoying hiking in the Wadis, daydreaming over looking the marvellous Bandar Khayran and even TRYING diving ( not a great success overcoming my fear I must admit .. but I'll get there ;)

I could go on for hours about this new world discovery but I'll show you some pics instead.

My camera broke down so i couldn't get as many picture as I wanted but I hope this will give you an idea.

Ladies & gents, let's go back to November 2018 !

It's been over 2 years now that i've been sending vibes to the universe : pleaaaaase take me back to Oman and .. I finally got this amazing show offer and was able to take a whole team with me for 3 WEEKS !!!! 3 weeks of sun, discovery and yeah .. work ;)

I have to say this time around i didn't have much time at all to discover but the WHOLE day off i got in 3 weeks - haha - was fully enjoyed !

We stayed at the amazing brand new #crowneplaza by the OCEC and i managed to feast on the breakfast buffet and work by the pool : might as well make the most of my working time no ?

Now, you must be thinking:

" Good for you Sabrina, now please share some cool address with us "

Ok, i was gonna get there ;) Here are few insights of my fav' places :

#starbucks on Beach Road: best view to wake up or after a good walk on the beach

#mutrahsouk for souvenirs and a stroll on the marina

#chedihotel, surely the most luxurious hotel in town but well worth it for a romantic occasion

#dolphinvillage, #grandhyatt #shangrila #muscathillsresort if you can't afford to stay in a hotel with a pool, indulge & enjoy the day at those.

#kargeen to feel like in 1001 night . This restaurant has delicious authentic food to enjoy with a sheesha, while seated in the middle of a candle lit garden

- Dolphin Village is only 3 Ryals and has a wifi connection! Perfect if you just want to relax, work and enjoy the pool for a small budget

- Grand Hyatt is 10 Ryals for the day and has a fab pool bar, you can enjoy the beach for FREE (!) and if you walk 1mn along the coast toward the right you'll find the CANDLE CAFE, for a bargain Lebanese lunch ( I recommend mutabal & lemon mint )

- Shangri La is a bit more pricey, 25 Ryals, but you'll get an inclusive buffet lunch and gorgeous scenery. 100 % pure relaxation !

- Muscat Hills resort, my new fav place: intimate beach in between the mountains, pale green pool et delicious food in a trendy atmosphere.

What about you ?

Now tell me, have you ever been to Muscat ? How was your impression ? Where is your favorite place?

Blogging is about sharing and I would LOOOVE to hear about your experience or answer any questions to help you plan your next trip .

Till then my friends,

May your day be filled with love & magic xxx

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