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And you ? What's your job ?

Dernière mise à jour : 17 sept. 2019

So, imagine being at a dinner party, you are having a great time getting to know the people around and suddenly the question comes :

" And you, what's your job ?"

" I'm a professional ice skater "

" Really ? That's awesome - but what's your REAL job ? "

" .. Professional ice skater "

" Oh great, are you going to the Olympics ? " .. sentence that can easily be replaced by ;) " That's cuuuuute , you do some shows at your local ice rink ?" or " that must be awesome to be paid to travel all the time ! "

You have usually 2 reaction: people think you are not worth talking to cause you don't have a "real" job OR they are sooo interested and you become the hit of the evening ! And I can't help it but I love my job so much that when I start talking about it you can't stop me !!

.. yeah always good when you are trying to keep it low profile ;)

There is sooo much more to tell about this job or LIFE should I say, because

Being a professional performer IS a real job but mainly a lifestyle that is totally out of the box and a little strange for those who never experienced it : let me tell you about it !

Have you ever tried to pack a suitcase for a 9 month tour that includes Russia AND Mexico ?

" No i'm not planning a very long holiday with 23 kg ... i'm going to work and my skates already weigh 4kg !! It's not that cold in Russia in April right ? ;)

How can you explain that ...

Skating in front of thousands of people is your daily routine,

Trains & planes are your work commute, hotels wifi code your number one priority and finding a laundry .. your worst nightmare !

Forgetting where you are " hey remember when we went to that cool restaurant a few weeks ago in .. uh ... where we again ? " is something really common,

Your favorite coffee shop is in London, best cocktail bar in Hong Kong - you know the best spots all over Europe but you feel lost in your hometown ?!

and oh yeah meeting your friends at their " work "( aka theme parc or theater ) for the week end usually means travelling across the world for 2 days ! and you often hear stuff like " hey when you'll go to Dubaï next week , can you bring me back some spices ? I forgot to take some last month ! "

You can swear in at least 15 languages and " zip me up please ! " in Polish is the first thing you learn when you join a company and last but clearly not least you can talk for hours about how someone moved your quick change chair and you missed your entrance !


Guess what ? Yes they are ! Cause our mission is to make people happy and for this, we put all our heart & soul into it .

I know I won't cure cancer but if i make someone dream during the time i'm on the ice and if I manage to make that person forget about his worries .. then i won everything !!

" What a noble art to make others happy " said Pt Barnum

In opposition to the competition world where you play everything in one performance in front of a panel of judges, ice shows give you the opportunity to express yourself and skate your worries out .. every night !

Although I'm still an active showgirl, I am now producing shows and I'm hiring girls or boys that sometimes start their career with me and it's so much fun to be the one telling them it will be all good, that a misplaced chair or a fall won't get you fired ;)

And when I'm lucky enough to catch their smile at the end of their first show , when I see them so proud of themselves hearing the audience clap, when i hear them talk about how amaaaazing this feeling was ...

That's when I know that it's really unconventional, it's completely crazy, it's maybe not a real job for some.. but it's a choice I would make over and over :

I wanted to be an ice show girl when I was 6 , i'm still one now I'm 36 , and I hope I will still be as long as I can !

What about you ? What is your REAL job, your passion, your unconventional dinner story ?

Till I read you,

I wish you a day / night filled with love & magic xxx

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