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What if ? Thought of the day.. & the days before that

Dernière mise à jour : 17 sept. 2019

" Stop saying you will when you won't " , " You have a million ideas a day, go ahead do it "

" You should do this, you should do that "

WHAT IF for once I decided to give it a try, go ahead and do all the things that I really want to do, especially the most meaningless ones. 

The kind that cross my mind but comes back with the same AMAZING answer I tell myself all the time : " oh one day I'll do it, maybe tomorrow , today iI have no time ".

WHAT IF,  without fear of the potential consequences, I start doing something just for me.

WHAT IF i stopped hiding behind the excuse of " I do it but it's really useful, it's for work " or for my family , my boyfriend, the world .. and just accept to tell myself : "YES it's not gonna change the world, It may be a waste of time but hell,


I read a quote the other day, from " Le petit Prince " and it said : " C'est véritablement utile puisque c'est joli" " it's truly useful because it's pretty".

And it rang a bell : WHAT IF i stopped finding myself excuses to NOT do things, WHAT IF i just picked a random day and started to do it, like ...


WHAT IF I was finally fulfilling my passion for journaling and going ahead with this online journal ?

Remember  "Sex & the City" ? Well as all girls did, I picked my favorite character: Carrie Bradshaw .. not for the clothes or the fancy lifestyle, but because she was writing her column and I thought : this is AWSOME I'd love to do that !  

I really love to write, God knows if I have any talent at all but I do deeply love it. I love reading , writing .. it makes me happy and I never do it.

Strange right ? Now why do i prefer writing in English rather then in French .. no idea ! Maybe cause most of my role models are English speaking .. ? Well that's maybe the subject of another post ;)

SO WELL ...    

After all, why do we always need to find reason to do things ? Blogs are very much the new business thing to do to get freebies or have a legitimate excuse to write & give our opinion about everything.

Maybe, I'm just falling into this trap of sudden urge that the world seems to have to spread their lives all over the net ? Or maybe I'm just fed up lying to myself about the fact that "YEAH sure I'll do it tomorrow", when I know I 'll never do .

Maybe I'm just proving myself that a WHAT IF can lead to BIGGER THINGS. 

Last but not least, WHAT IF I decided to finally do it just because I want to ? Not trying to make it perfect, looks flawless, with the latest trendy design or the best tips about how to loose 10 kg in 2 days, just with what's on my heart and makes me happy. 



Promise made to myself on November 1 st 2017

What about you stranger ? What promise would you write to yourself if there were no judgement, no consequences and no fear ? WHAT IF we shared our thoughts ?

May your day be filled with love & magic xxx

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